A cream couch by the Invisible Collection.

Online Purveyor of High-Concept Design Invisible Collection Lays Roots Down in a New York Brownstone

A fixture of the ever-growing international collectible design and luxury decor worlds, Invisible Collection sets itself apart by serving as a highly-curated resource that places particular emphasis on contemporary interpretations of age-old craftsmanship. Over the past six years, it’s made custom and one-off furnishings that were exclusively produced for architects and interior designers available to a wider public. Putting this b2b-meets-gallery model to the test is Invisible Collection's new permanent storefront, a converted Upper East Side brownstone in New York that showcases much of its offering in an elegantly yet boldly presented domestic setting. The mise-en-scène is intended to resemble the type of property an astute collector might own and carefully appoint. 

“Having a home in New York to showcase our collections has been a dream of ours since the creation of our company,” says cofounder Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays. “The U.S. is our strongest market; our American customers are exceptionally knowledgable, fueled by their energy and modernity. This is a chance to reach them in a more direct way.” 

The Townhouse, as it’s been dubbed, will feature a rotating program of exhibitions highlighting new pieces by recognized talents such as Laura Gonzalez, Noe Duchaufour Lawrence, and Charles Zana. Currently, Grace & Dimofski’s iconic furnishings are joined by designs loaned from partnering New York galleries such as Matter and Carvalho Park; works by Minjae Kim and Se Yoon Park, respectively. A nook on the garden level has been meticulously outfitted by Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved Parisian bookshop 7L and feature topical titles. The prestigious bookseller provides the service of helping clients establish their own libraries. Chanel’s influence is experienced throughout with works crafted by the fashion houses’s close-knit network of heritage le19M artisans: Lesage Interieurs, Studio MTX, Goossens, and Lemarié, among others available. 

The 1,752-square-foot showroom was renovated by multidisciplinary, Lisbon-based practice Garcé & Dimofski with a focus on simple geometries and natural materials. This scheme complements Invisible Collection’s eclectic offering and commitment to timeless quality. The salon of sorts is characterized by subtle deco details that are unquestionably French in style. This new design venue—running adjacent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, other Museum Mile institutions, and a more entrenched set of art galleries—promises to be a valuable destination for collectors, architects, and interior designers looking to spec specific items. 

The Townhouse by Invisible Collection is now open at 24 E 64th Street New York, NY 10065.