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Bespoke Fashion

Sinesia Karol Celebrates 10 Years with the Same Commitments to Intentional Design

“Fashion is always evolving. We need to think fast, design fast and sell fast because tomorrow there will be something brand new,” says Sinesia Karol, whose eponymous fashion collection is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Originally launched as a swimsuit line, the brand now includes elegant ready-to-wear clothing and high-styled accessories that retail in boutiques across Brazil, Dubai, France, Greece, Lebanon, Portugal and the United States. However, Sinesia Karol’s success-driven expansion has not distracted its founder from her original goal of creating detail-oriented designs that appeal to both American and Brazilian women. Rather, the fashion brand remains committed to its roots, collaborating with local Brazilian artists to set the trends through its swimwear and ready-to-wear collections. 

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