Salvatore Ferragamo Reinvents Retail in the Digital and Physical at Its New SoHo Boutique

Salvatore Ferragamo Reinvents Retail in the Digital and Physical at Its New SoHo Boutique

On June 24, Salvatore Ferragamo will open the doors to its first-ever experiential concept store, a 2,600-square-foot collaborative hub located in New York City’s bustling SoHo neighborhood. The fashion house's new location will represent a forward-thinking take on retail space, differentiating itself from all other Ferragamo stores. While purposeful columns throughout the store will pay homage to Ferragamo’s heritage, specifically its signature “Madein Italy” savoir-faire, the boutique’s periwinkle walls, white accents and dazzling mirror installations will transport shoppers into a new, futuristic world, featuring NFT installations and customizable holographic sneakers. 

The revolutionary concept store will blend the worlds of Web3 and in-person retail through an NFT installation by digital artist Shxpir. It will also feature a collaborative NFT project, designed in partnership with multidisciplinary studio DE-YAN, that unites an audience, a brand and an artist to create digital art in a physical space. Beginners and seasoned collectors alike can participate in the simple process; guests will enter a multi-sensory booth, in which a camera will film them as they select a Shxpir-designed backdrop and add to it. When finished, visitors will have the opportunity to mint their artwork on the Ethereum Blockchain via Opensea; Salvatore Ferragamo will cover all minting fees in advance. A limited-edition capsule collection will also celebrate the radical NFT installation with an exclusive graphic print. All proceeds from this collection will be donated to The Center—one of the leading LGBTQ+ organizations in New York City. 

As if these initiatives weren’t innovation enough, the trailblazing shop will also host the launch of a unique and exclusive hologram sneaker program, which will provide guests with the opportunity to customize the brand’s latest unisex sillohuette, the 6R3ENE. Realized by DE-YAN, the station will project a holographic version of the sneaker as it’s being customized on a six-foot booth. The personalized shoes will retail for $1,150 and will arrive at a customer's desired location with an estimated turnaround time of ten weeks. 

North America CEO Danielle Vitale explained that “the store represents a unique opportunity to cultivate a space where people can come together, spend time, hang out and, hopefully, experience something new.” Through this immersive shopping experience, Salvatore Ferragamo will revolutionize the way that art, technology and retail intersect, while emphasizing collaboration and luxury.