two paintings in the studio

Artist Tahnee Lonsdale Gets Spiritual in the Studio with Cultured

Ahead of her first solo show at Night Gallery in Los Angeles, artist Tahnee Lonsdale took Cultured founder and editor-in-chief Sarah Harrelson on a tour of her LA studio, giving an insider's look at the new works that will soon be displayed within the gallery walls. The series, called "True Romance," contains both paintings and sculptures and was born from a series of highly intuitive drawings made in response to various emotional states, she says. Her compositions and characters are abstract and ethereal, yet minimal and monochrome in hue. They are imbued with emotion and to Lonsdale, they are about something much bigger than ourselves.

"They have weight," she explains of the tribes represented on her canvases, "but there is a feeling that these figures are from somewhere else." In paint, she explores the relationships between each other as well as the personal relationship one has with a higher power—inviting viewers to embark on a spiritual journey within. The show, named for the series of art on view, will open on May 14. Before you go, watch the Cultured editorial videos below to meet the artist and learn more about her work.

Videography by Charlie Grant and Hunter Ray Barker.