Couch Conversation: Kennedy Yanko and Kimberly Drew

Who is in for a couch conversation with Kennedy Yanko and Kimberly Drew? The former’s Vielmetter exhibition in Los Angeles, "Salient Queens," is up now providing juicy fodder for a discussion surrounding a new body of work that deals in scrap metal and the juxtaposition of competing narratives. "After I pull metal and other materials from salvage yards, I sit with them in a formal dialogue. I have to understand their physical stance before I can comprehend their presence conceptually. In time, the objects’ stories reveal themselves to me. From there, I can begin to transition the material away from its previous circumstances and reposition its atomic particles (literally, and metaphorically) such that their compositions may be perceived differently and thus newly defined," says Yanko. To accompany the opening of the exhibition, photographer Mike Vitelli captured Yanko in avant-garde fashion pieces surrounded by the work on view.