father and daughter hugging

Enter the Cronenbergs' Weird, Wild World

Some argue that your creative vision is heavily inspired by those with whom you surround yourself. David and Caitlin Cronenberg, Canadian creative royalty, approach their mediums with the same amount of dedication and precision, yet infuse them with different perspectives. David, the 78-year-old film screenwriter, director and sometimes actor, is a pioneer of the body horror genre, one that deeply explores the transformation of the physical and psychological. Having grown up exposed firsthand to her father’s oeuvre, 37-year-old Caitlin—or Cait as David refers to her—took her creative endeavors in her own direction. She is recognized for her narrative-driven editorials, filmmaking and her recent dive into the world of NFTs. Inspired by the Proust questionnaire—with our own spin—father and daughter answer the same set of questions, establishing that creativity can be shared through bloodlines.

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