Anthony James at Art Palm Springs

In addition to a presentation at Art Palm Springs, Anthony James will also be receiving the Trailblazer award this weekend at the fair. He spoke to Cultured for the occasion.


When did you move to Los Angeles? How has that move affected your practice? About 15 Years ago, prior to that I was in London, then NYC… I love living in Los Angeles - seems that the art world has figured that out as well, the other thing is of course SPACE. I tend to work large so that’s definitely an advantage of living here. I do also have an affinity for the light and space artists that traditionaly came from here so that also connects me…

Tell me about your draw to birch trees? A birch forest gives one the feeling of infinite possibilities - pathways to yet unwritten futures and destinies.

Something I love about your practice is the sweeping dualities that come from your use of trees relative to your use of sports cars, would you like to speak to this high/low decision? I do love sports cars—I love great design and engineering… the trees created a naturalistic balance to the digital medium i was using, whereas (if you are referring to “K0”) that was my car. Some have called that an effigy… I think we all have to sacrifice the things we love to our gods from time to time. K0 stands for Kalos Thanatos—or, Beautiful Death (and the rebirth that can imply)

What are you showing at the fair? Melissa Morgan will be featuring my latest work at Art Palm Springs this weekend. It's a 60” geometric work in powder coated stainless steel, LED, and glass that is an extension of the Plutonic Solid series I have been focused on. This shape (consisting of 30 identical facets) is a called a triacontahedron - its an Archimedean Solid.