Instant Essay: Nir Hod

What is the view from your favorite window?
What is the view from your favorite window?

Nir Hod began his career doing mostly performance. Playing with gender bending and riffing on only the most romanticized notions of art history, the young Hod developed a flair for the dramatic and excess which persists in his sumptuous paintings. Sometimes underpinned by dark histories including the Holocaust and the Gulf's oil crisis, Hod likes to cull the beauty out of contemporary evil. His sneering child genius portraits or his oil rig snow-globe exemplify the dark humor--Hod tends to employ. Here, the opulent artist gives us a glimpse into his imagination.

How do you look when you wake up in the morning?


What is your inspiration image?

Cultured Nir

What is the image you like most from this year?

Cultured Hod

Which is a piece you will forever save from your place?

Genius Piece

What did you consume last?

Coke Cultured