With the Sack Bag, Marc Jacobs Declares the Start of Summer

Sabrina Carpenter. All photography by Carin Backoff. All images courtesy of Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs has pre-empted the Summer Solstice, declaring the official start of the season with his Pre-Fall '24 campaign.

The Sack Bag, spotted swinging on the most stylish shoulders since its debut on the brand’s Fall '22 runway, is the star (accessory) of the brand’s latest shoot. Now in multiple sizes and a new selection of the brightest seasonal colors—including hot pink, kiwi, and wisteria—this latest iteration marks the start of perfectly long, sunny days.

The brand's most recent addition to the well-loved “The” collection is the perfect compliment to the brand’s now iconic Tote Bag. Where The Tote Bag works for a full day at the office or a trip to the gym and The Shoulder Bag is perfect for an evening out, the Sack Bag offers an ideal in-between. The perfectly slouchy silhouette and full grain leather make it versatile for any occasion, adding a relaxed but polished detail to any look. With a size range including mini, standard, and XL, the Sack Bag demonstrates Marc Jacobs's commitment to creating bags the girl-about-town will want to wear everywhere, over and over. 

Anok Yai.

Jacobs, characteristically in tune with subcultures past and present enlisted Gen-Z icons and legendary models including Charli XCXGabriette, Anok Yai, Irina Shayk, and Vittoria Ceretti to sport the recent addition to the brand’s handbag collection. The cherry on top is Sabrina Carpenter, the face of the campaign and the artist behind the viral song of the summer, “Espresso.”

Photographed by long-time collaborator Carin Backoff, and styled by Alastair Mckimm, Carpenter poses with the hot pink mini version of the leather bag, a fitting match for the rosy bubblegum universe associated with the hitmaker. Known for her petite stature, Carpenter gets a lift from glossy six-inch white patent leather Kiki Ankle Boots. It's an image that captures the season's party atmosphere, and the Sack Bag looks right at home. 

Gabriette and Charli XCX.

Marc Jacobs continues to surprise and delight, nodding to the ever-changing demands of the It-girl lifestyle. Whether it’s an extra shot of espresso in the morning or Carpenter’s catchy “Espresso” that’ll make this summer run (definitely both), Jacobs is cementing the Sack Bag as the perfect accessory for the season.