Art of Living Well

Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Affogatos: The Little Joys of Sarah Meyohas

Portrait courtesy of Sarah Meyohas.

This is the Art of Living Well, a column from CULTURED that explores how tastemakers think about luxury: the luxuries that are free, the ones that cost way too much, and the little ones that punch above their weight.

Sarah Meyohas sees the universe while showering, all in one water droplet. Known for her novel forays into the seemingly incompatible realms of finance, artificial intelligence, and visual art, the polymath is represented by Marianne Boesky Gallery, where she is currently showing several experimental works: "Diffractions," a series of kaleidoscopic etchings on angular glass panels, and "Interferences," an expansion on her holograph collection. Meyohas’s art embodies contemporary digital realities by crafting a sensory language that grounds beholders to the natural world and enhances an understanding of the atomic ones and zeroes that code human existence. While this planet spins on algorithmic axes, Meyohas savors moments that anchor her. Here, she gives CULTURED an intimate look at her most beguiling small indulgences.

What product do you use every day that instantly improves your mood?

There is nothing that compares to a double espresso to improve my mood. The fog lifts, my senses sharpen. Instantly happier.

What is a splurge you reserve for special occasions?

An affogato. See above, but even better. For a short, but unforgettable time, I used to have an affogato every day for breakfast. This was excessive. I had to stop. 

What’s your favorite small luxury to give to someone else?

A bouquet of flowers

What do you do when you need to feel grounded?

I take a shower. I really enjoy looking at rivulets of water slithering down the glass. There is this infinite unique detail, and focusing on it is grounding. A whole world can exist in a tiny droplet. It’s also a good place for creative ideas, which often don’t need analytical alertness but the hot, isolated mist of a nice shower.

What is something you’d love for someone to buy for you, but would never buy for yourself?

An 18th-century French desk! 

What’s your favorite smell?

The smell of a ripe fig. 

What is the best thing you’ve put on your face recently?

Skinceuticals Triple lipid restore. I have severe impostor syndrome answering this question because I only just impulsively bought this cream because I have a single wrinkle on my face. Before this cream, I never put a thing (not even sunscreen) on my face. But I’m enjoying it! 

What is the most luxurious thing in your life that’s free?

Love. Love is so luxurious.