Art Comedy

Morgan Bassichis Plays the Fool

Morgan Bassichis, A Crowded Field. Photograph by Maria Baranova. Image courtesy of Bassichis and Abrons Arts Center.

After Klezmer for Beginners and Don't Rain on My Bat Mitzvah, New York-based comic extraordinaire Morgan Bassichis returns to Jewish radicalism with A Crowded Field, their latest musical stand-up endeavor. Conveniently coinciding with Passover week, the show, a meditation on and interrogation of the Jewish holidays, continues at the Abrons Arts Center in the Lower East Side until April 8. The artist, whose extensive practice has charmed gallery-goers, readers, and Fire Island revelers alike, sat down with CULTURED on their day off to chat about kidnapping their rabbi, using humor as a space for learning, and embracing the contradictions and radical potentials of festivities.

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