Art Young Artists 2017

Sadie Barnette: Young Artists 2017

In her ongoing series Dear 1968,…, the multimedia artist Sadie Barnette has repurposed the FBI file on her father Rodney Barnette, who was under surveillance for his activism with the Black Panthers. In other works, Barnette adorns family ephemera with gold frames and rhinestones, which creates a space wherein a personal history becomes universally legible as something to be both cherished and rigorously reconsidered. It is an attention to history that informs Barnette’s work, “I do look back to the past in order to think about how to move toward a more liberated future, but I also look ‘up’ and ‘down’ to more abstracted notions of time and space, as with my ‘glitter-scapes’ and minimal collages, to dream and invent and think about worlds that exist beyond gentrification and state surveillance.”

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