The Four Young Designers to Know in 2018

Eny Lee Parker, one of four designers to watch.
Eny Lee Parker, one of four designers to watch.

Despite having fully embraced old-school traditions of craftsmanship, a new school of design studios born in the digital age paint a picture of the future of design: thriving online communities, blurred distinctions between fields and Instagram stardom.

1. Eny Lee Parker The designer incorporates traditional materials, such as terra cotta, into her contemporary practice.

Alexandra Proba

2. Alexandra Proba The designer, who splits her time between Studio Proba and Nike, refers to her Instagram feed as “my sketchbook with an audience."

Mimi Jung

3. Mimi Jung The designer explores the conceptual elements of privacy in public space through her woven textiles and objects.

Isaac Nichols 4. Isaac Nichols The designer went from making 60 pots by hand to employing a four-person team capable of making 10,000 pots.