How Mariah Nielson Honored JB Blunk’s Creative Legacy with One Hundred Hooks

Installation view of ”100 Hooks” at Blunk Space. All installation photography by Chris Gunder. All images courtesy of Mariah Nielson.

Along the winding stretch of California’s scenic Highway One there is a room with a hundred hooks. Each unique in style and whimsy, these minor masterpieces are now on view at Blunk Space, the gallery dedicated to preserving JB Blunk’s legacy of blurring the boundaries of art and craft in woodworking, jewelry, and sculpture. Mariah Nielson, Blunk’s daughter and the keeper of his estate, commissioned a hundred artists and designers to create their own interpretations of the functional household object, inspired by her father’s exhibit "100 Plates." Artists including Bethan Laura Wood, Commune, Max Lamb, Minjae Kim, Nadia Yaron, Su Wu, and Frances Palmer took up the reins to pay homage to Blunk and offer their own visions of the quotidian object.

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