In the Studio With Anna K.E.

Kat Herriman

Photography by Ryan Slack

Anna K.E. in her studio with Hilary Clinton.

A row of windows illuminates Anna K.E.’s Bushwick studio, which she splits with her romantic partner and sometimes artistic collaborator Florian Meisenberg. When we arrived at her place, K.E. is by herself save for a cut-out of Hilary Clinton who she affectionately introduces after offering us a cup of tea.


She explains the studio is much neater than usual. At the moment, she is at work on her upcoming installation at the Queens Museum and some large drawings which she completes on the floor.

“The ladder is critical to taking it all in,” she says.

When the drawings are completed, K.E. pins them to the wall.

On her desk, there are smaller watercolors and sketches. Sometimes she employs a liberal dose of glitter.

ROAR! or something like it.

K.E. shows us her battery powered heat jacket and borrows my sunglasses. We decide it’s a striking ensemble.

When studio fever begins to set in, K.E. gets out her ya-yas with badminton.  She gives us a quick lesson.

After a rousing game, it’s time to go.

See you next time!