Woven Reveals Its Passion For the Craft In Its First Outdoor Rug Collection

A designers’ favorite, rug company Woven has unveiled a new collection of versatile and sustainable rugs, perfect for spring entertaining.

Cultured Magazine

The new Weather rug collection by Woven. Photography by Douglas Friedman. Creative direction by Danielle Barr. Fashion styling by Maryam Malakpour.

Spring has sprung, and so, too, has the season of outdoor entertaining. Although gatherings will be smaller this year, a carefully decorated backyard or patio is certain to impress family members and guests. When in search of a way to ground a space beautifully, top designers turn to rugs, and in particular, to Los Angeles- and New York-based rug company Woven. Now, the creatives’ favorite for indoor floor coverings has moved into the outdoor sphere, sustainably, with a new collection of versatile, durable and eco-friendly rugs that look as charming in the living room as they do on the pool deck.


“What I love most about Woven is the versatility of their offering,” says designer Adair Curtis, cofounder of Los Angeles-based JSN Studio, a longtime client of the brand. “Whenever I’m faced with sourcing rugs for very specific and discerning clients, I know Woven will have exactly what I need.” With the brand’s new Weather collection, that offering is even greater than before. Dyed in a color palette inspired by nature, the indoor/outdoor rugs are neutrally-hued and geometrically patterned for a look that can play up its boldness or blend into its furnished surroundings. Colors like wind brick—a deep terracotta shade—tephra sage and scoria umber lend themselves to those that prefer the ground to do more decorating work, while charcoal, storm and pebble provide an attractive starting point for statement furnishings, or those that support their sleek, cool style. Within the wide range of the collection, Curtis notes that he has already specified a few for clients’ summer projects: “It couldn’t have come at a better time!”

rug in production

A Weather rug by Woven in production.

Important for the Weather rugs, too, was sustainability. Designed with the planet’s health in mind, each is made of polypropylene (PP), a recyclable polymer that is stain-resistant, colorfast and wear-and-tear tough. The material’s durability makes its rugs ideal for households with high foot traffic, and when no longer of use, can be recycled many times over without losing its strength. If discarded, however, PP breaks down at a rate forty times faster and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions than that of other conventionally-used plastics. Says New York interior designer Timothy Godbold: “They’ve made polypropylene stylish; who knew?”

The Australian-born decorator has been sourcing rugs from Woven since 2016. “What first drew me to the product was their understanding of texture and color tone. It’s cool, innovative and in no way cliché,” he explains. Trading in rugs since 1960, when founder Abraham Moradzadeh sold his first Persian in Iran, Woven is rooted in tradition but constantly evolving for today. Beyond the Weather collection, the brand’s offerings include a highly-edited selection of new rugs and a curation of vintage floor coverings from around the globe. This spring, Godbold has sourced a variety of custom orders from the new outdoor styles, finding in them the same attention to detail he’s come to love from the company. As he says, “It’s an obvious reflection of their love and passion for their craft.”