Sunday Funday: Compton’s Sublime Lowrider Scene

From March of 2019 until it was shut down later that summer, Nichelle Dailey captured the spirit of "Sunday Funday," a weekly lowrider meet up in Compton, California

Nichelle Dailey

Photography by Nichelle Dailey

Fat Cat of JUS DIP N Car Club and Majestics Car Club member on Broadway

In March of 2019, I began documenting a gathering known as “Sunday Funday”—a weekly word-of-mouth lowrider cruising event located on Broadway between Rosecrans Ave and Compton Blvd in Compton, California. I was first invited to “Sunday Funday” by an attendee to the Nipsey Hussle vigil that was being held in front of his Marathon store on Crenshaw Boulevard, where he was slain.

I had no idea what to expect at “Sunday Funday”—I assumed I would see some serious lowriders and maybe some scrapers. As a photographer from the East Coast, where car culture is not as prevalent as it is here in Los Angeles, that was enough for me to make the trek from East Hollywood to Compton. I saw some beautiful cars, but what most interested me were the people. This was not just a Sunday cruise down Broadway—although it was reminiscent of a Whittier or Van Nuys Boulevard cruise night—this was something different. It was a weekly block party but it was still more than that; this was black love in action.

“Sunday Funday” was attended by families; young people who wanted to have another day of fun before returning to work; older members of the community who sat and watched from their foldable, Dodgers tailgating chairs; folks who were there just to get a plate from their favorite food truck. Even the occasional tourist, who had somehow been told of the gathering, would make an appearance. That “Sunday Funday” was held in Compton, a longtime hub of Los Angeles gang culture, meant some gang members, retired or active, would also be in attendance. I was told by an OG lowrider who I befriended that, “no matter what was going on in the streets the other six days of the week, for some reason on ‘Sunday Funday,’ all of that was put aside. We just ride.”

Everything was love. Everyone was welcome. I saw black businesses serving their communities. I saw children so enthralled with the rainbow parade of cars that they begged their parents to bring them the next weekend. I saw the same families and attendees week after week. This weekly get together was a source of pride for the South LA low rider community. Many of the men and women that I met have been riding for 10 or 20 years; some even longer than that. They pour their heart, soul and hard earned money into their cars. Sunday Funday was a time for them to flex and show off their baby—their prized possession.

After a fatal car crash near the site of Sunday Funday in the summer of 2019, the LAPD      shut it down. Although there are still weekly meet ups at Ted Watkins Park, Alondra Park and other places in South LA, none are as large or as notorious as the Broadway/ Rosecrans meet up. This photo essay is a homage to Sunday Funday.

Special thanks to: The whole Next Level Car Club especially Kevin and Lunatic, RocSteady of Original Ridaz Car Club, GreenEyes of JUS DIP N Car Club, Tweedy and Pooh of Boss Life Car Club, Majestics Car Club and everyone that let me take their photo.

Girls riding down Broadway at sunset

Family in Lincoln posted up on Broadway

Nation of Islam Member handing out ‘The Final Call’ with Nipsey on cover on Broadway

Man repping Compton in ‘Compton’ Hat on Broadway

Sugah Sweet’s Buick, Watts Life Car Club, Ted Watkins Park

Boss Life Car Club on three Wheels on Broadway

Majestics Car Club cars lined up on Broadway

Lady Rider with ankh on her Harley on Broadway

Desiree, Nae and A’lexi on Broadway

Last Owner of Gypsy Rose (iconic ’64 Impala) and his girl on Broadway

Interior of Gypsy Rose

Man in car waiting to exit Dockweiler State Beach parking lot

Man on Broadway

Young ladies on Broadway

Compton mini bike rider revving up

The Nation on Broadway

RocSteady from Original Ridaz with Phil Bo and bKay of Compton Car Club

OG Pluck being himself

Orange Convertible on Broadway

Kevin of Next Level Car Club and his whip

2 Orange Soda Shorty’s on Broadway

At It Again Car Club

Lunatic of Next Level Car Club and His Whip

Compton Car Club member

Guy in front of his teal car

Frecks on his bike on Broadway

“I Got Candy” Majestics Car Club

Drinks guys on Broadway

Tweedy of Boss Life Car Club

Ladies cookin’ on Broadway