Pleather Skies Over L.A

Featuring: Alexandra Jacob Cinematographer: Jarred Alterman DI Facility: Nice Dissolve Colorist: Brian Boyd Consultation: Howie Chen Assistants: Laura Hunt and Alex Ito


Sunset Boulevard is about to get a leather bar makeover thanks to artist Mika Tajima and Art Production Fund who are erecting a four-channel video work across a quartet of digital billboards on the iconic commercial strip. The commissioned video, “PSYCHO GRAPHICS,” draws upon bondage aesthetics as a tool for abstraction. The identity of dancer Alexandra Jacobs, who stretches and contorts her body for Tajima’s camera, is completely masked by the zentai suit that even consumers her point shoes. A commentary on the outside forces that act upon our images,  “PSYCHO GRAPHICS” toys with the artificial difference between public and private space.