15 Minutes with Lalique’s Maz Zouhairi

Jessica Idarraga

Maz Zouhairi.

Heliconia is the product of a timeless collaboration between Steinway & Sons and Lalique. This exceptional piano showcases the signature style of the brand by exhibiting a motif from the Lalique archives: the Heliconia flower. The Heliconia flower was created by Marie-Claude Lalique, granddaughter of founder Rene Lalique. Cultured chatted with the CEO of Lalique North America, Maz Zouhairi, to hear more about the partnership, the fine jewelry collection and how Lalique will continue to innovate itself in the future.

How did the collaboration between Lalique and Steinway & Sons come about?  Both Lalique and Steinway & Sons are outstanding luxury brands, each committed to the highest quality and craftsmanship. Their shared quest for perfection make Steinway & Sons and Lalique the ideal partners.

Both Lalique and Steinway & Sons have long, storied traditions. How does the Heliconia bridge this with modernity?  To build an instrument combining the best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Lalique, the designers decided to work with a signature motif from the Lalique archives: the Heliconia flower. The 75 Lalique crystals that decorate each piano are all pressed, fashioned, cut, engraved, polished and signed at the Lalique factory in Alsace; each crystal is then carefully placed on every individual piano at the Steinway factory in Hamburg.

What makes the Vesta necklace a one-of-a-kind piece? The Vesta necklace is a piece that adapts to four different wearing styles, including necklace, brooch or pendant. It also was created with our famous mixed-materials technique, in which the precious and non-precious combinations serve the beauty of the motif . It is a fusion of gold, sapphire, diamond, fire opal, moonstone, engraved mother-of-pearl, cloisonné enamel and crystal.

Where do you envision the collection being worn to? The Vesta necklace is a spectacular piece and would look beautiful worn to a glamorous event. The woman who wears Lalique jewelry is strong and confident and knows that Lalique jewelry is rare and limited, like she is, and that she will be the only one in the room wearing it.

Will Lalique continue untraditional collaborations to exhibit their fine products in innovative ways in the future? Yes, we plan on more exclusive collaborations with visionary artists, designers and luxury brands based upon both partners’ expertise and craftsmanship.