Miracle of Life, Eva Evans’s New Comedic Short

Cultured Magazine

Director/writer: Eva Evans; Producer: Naim Naif; Models: Eloisa Santos, Foster Reisz; Clothes: Lou Dallas; Jewelry: Aurelia Cotton; Casting: Kate Antognini; DP: Kevin Hayden; AC: Yuya Kudo; Lighting: Holden Pham; Production Designer/Editor: Samantha Adelman; Stylist: Dani Forword;Hair: Evanie Fraust; Hair Assistant: Mikey Tubolino; Make Up: Nina Carelli; Music: Onyx Collective; Fridge Magnets: Tess Wagman; Production Company: Anchor Light.


What does it mean to put a bun in the oven? I guess it depends on the context. This is certainly the case when it comes to Eva Evans’s new comedic short, starring models Eloisa Santos and Foster Reisz. Shot in the Evans’s kitchen on 16mm film, this urban folktail is a nod to the maker’s late father and artist Matthew Baumgardner. Styled in the garments of Lou Dallas and scored to the music of Onyx Collective, the filmmaker’s speechless script brings together some of our favorite New Yorkers for the miracle that is creative life.