Millie Bobby Brown and Artist Pauline Wattandom Tap Their Creative Cool

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s ongoing collaboration with Converse, Millie By You, gets a new chapter as the actor incorporates Thai artist Pauline Wattandom into her universe with a coloring-book-ready collection.

Cultured Magazine

Photography by Charlie Brown

Millie Bobby Brown.

Why was it important to create a version of your shoe someone could color in?

Millie Bobby Brown: I grew up drawing on my sneakers to personalize them and make them my own. That’s what is really cool about Millie By You, too; there are so many variations of sneakers you can customize so it represents you. We approached the graphic in the same way—leaving room for individual creativity!

Converse lives in the teen canon. What’s it like to become a steward of that iconography? Does it relate to your role on Stranger Things?

MBB: I genuinely feel honored to have had the opportunity to partner with Converse. They will forever be classic, but I also appreciate that they are a forward-thinking brand. I don’t know that there is an obvious connection between Converse and Eleven—what I will say is that people often love nostalgia. There is something about both Stranger Things and Converse that gives people that feeling.

What would be the dream life of a Millie Bobby Brown shoe?

MBB: To step foot in beautiful gardens, to spend time playing with my dogs and to somehow find a way to empower girls from all over the world. That’s possible in a shoe, right?

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