Lucy Dodd’s Elegy to Jason Rhoades

Jason Rhoades's mammoth installation, Tijuanatanjierchandelier, made its debut in 2006, the same year Rhoades abruptly died of a heart attack. His friend, the artist Lucy Dodd, wrote this poem after visiting the artwork.

Lucy Dodd


A Poem in Place of Payment

I went to see Jason Rhoades Tijuanatanjierchandelier and ended up writing a poem about a single piece, “Chandelier 11,” with the neon word Woowoo.

Being in the juju of Jrhos Woowoo
Woowoo is the essence of innocence
An invitation to revisit ones womb
Nothing has changed,
This is the definition of timelessness
Light is alive
Warm fuzzy dusty light
Gushy wushy mermaid pusshy
Take me away in your soft shell
Sail me into the endless sunset light
How we all long to live
in the infinite glow of rainbows

Its important to visit the warmth in this room,
Especially as winter is approaching.
Its important for us all to revisit the truth of where we come from,
The Labia Doors which birthed us.
Jason bowed to women,
the Givers of Life
He adored his Mother and Daughter alike.