Like For Like: Architects We Follow

We all love to imagine our flex two bedroom apartment with one window will someday turn into an architectural masterpiece chock full of custom bookshelves and Peter Shire pieces. Until then, with the help of our architecture editors, we’ve picked out our favorite accounts to keep you daydreaming about your future home.

Cultured Magazine


@jesse_seegers  Jesse Seegers embraces architecture’s more ephemeral qualities with his own tensile pneumatic membrane structures also known as inflatable environments. On his feed, one gets a peek at his playful practice and his other jobs as a frequent architecture critic and researcher.

Sam Chermayeff, our Triangular bed for @TinaKimGallery show ‘For Mario’ curated by Charlap Hyman & Herrero @ch_herrero / open until August 23 / photo by Jeremy Haik, 2019.

@samchermayeffoffice  Currently the impermanent host of Ramiken Crucible’s New York viewing room, Sam Chermayeff’s practice is closely entangled with the arts. While not prolific on social, the architect does share new projects including one with Adam Charlap Hyman’s current For Mario exhibition at Tina Kim where you can lie on Chermayeff’s triangular bed. 

Aaron Aujla, 2019.

@aa_aujla While technically not an architect, Aaron Aujla, one half of Green River Project LLC, is a near constant source for interior inspiration. Think: Adolf Loos built-ins, historic artist studios and summer homes. 

Anne Holtrop, We are happy to announce that the Bahrain Pavilion is shortlisted for the Aga Khan award as part of the revitalization of Muharraq. @agakhanawardforarchitecture @shebrahimcenter @pearlingpath@bahpavilion @culturebah #anneholtrop #studioanneholtrop, 2019.

@studioanneholtrop A longtime favorite of Cultured’s architecture editor Andrew Heid of @noarchitecture, Studio Anne Holtrop, based out of Amsterdam and Muharraq, is a destination for dramatic, yet minimalist, design. Check out Heid’s interview with Holtrop for the full story.

David Adjaye, Mud grain stores … 💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 #niger #dandaji #africanarchitecture #mudarchitecture #africa, 2019.

@adjaye_visual_sketchbook  David Adjaye‘s pics run the gamut from Nigerien mud grain stores to Indian temples to interesting shots of Luis Barragan’s work in Mexico City. The breadth of his captures are unparalleled and just the thing to get you to book a flight. 

Julie, Paint game is on point for this festive little Italianate 🙌🎨, 2019.

@northern_vernacular This is one of the best regional accounts to follow, especially if you’re a New Englander, but honestly, everyone can use a wraparound porch no matter where you’re from. Julie finds and researches colonial vernacular architecture in Maine and makes everyone yearn for a little Northeast getaway. 

Robert Khederian, Springtime inspiration c/o The Mount, Edith Wharton’s fantasy country house in the Berkshires. It’s also my country-house fantasy, too (what a coincidence)! (pic by David Dashiell via @libbycameronllc), 2019.

@notenoughhangers For house porn in its truest form, whether it’s a carriage house in Brooklyn Heights or an old colonial on the Massachusetts coastline, Robert Khederian’s account is a go-to. He gives year and design details where he can, but it’s really all about the house-spo (house inspiration).