Fly Away with Le Poodle’s Debut Single

Callan Malone


Singer, songwriter and producer Le Poodle has released her debut single and music video, Butterfly Get Me Honey. Le Poodle, known to her friends as Natalie Foucauld, spent four years in the South Florida Indie Group, Cloud Solo. Butterfly Get Me Honey is a departure for the young artist as she begins her solo career.

Born to Haitian and Puerto Rican parents, Le Poodle grew up in West Palm Beach and has been writing poetry since the age of six. She is a part of (F)empower: a collective providing space for Miami’s queer, femme community. (F)empower’s community garden stands as a pillar of flighting climate gentrification. Shot in the Fem Fairy Garden, Foucauld explores the experience of black womxn and QTPOC people through the journey of a butterfly whose beauty, strength, and ability to rebuild and start over supersedes its size. Le Poodle sings, “her colors were loud, but she was small.” Posing as a caterpillar, cocoon, plant, and butterfly, she transforms throughout the song shedding her vulnerability. The production of the shoot was a community effort as the singer curated a team of close friends to bring her vision to life. Butterfly Get Me Honey is available now on all streaming services and here for your viewing pleasure.