Young Artists 2017

Lauren Davis Fisher: Young Artists 2017

Maxwell Williams

Photography by Jeff Vespa

Cultured 3010485

Lauren Davis Fisher’s sculptures seem bound to their location by time. Her recent Set Tests in the foyer of the Hammer Museum were constantly re- arranged during the Made in L.A. biennial, and her collaboration with Math Bass placed a wall from their shared living space into the gallery.

Lauren Davis Fisher’s Set Tests, 2016

How do you know a work you’ve made is good? I don’t really think of my work in those terms. It’s more energetic. My work is very process-based, so maybe it’s more a question of when is the work done. The answer could be: when it’s taken from my studio, or I’m just ready to move onto the next thing.

If you could trade with anyone, who would it be? That’s actually something I think about a lot, because I’ve been doing trades with my friends. My immediate answer is that I would want to trade with them, because that’s who inspires me, that’s who I have conversations with, and that’s where the dialogue is. But also it’s hard, because I live in my studio—I don’t want anybody else’s work there.

Do you have any unrealized projects? Most of my projects are unrealized. I have folders and folders of them.