If These Walls Could Talk

Cultured Magazine


Sometimes a house can speak volumes. To capture that expression, Kainco presents an architectural interpretation of the alliance between developer Jacob Abramson and architect Chad Oppenheim. Here, Abramson joins artist and filmmaker Paris Kain to share their collaboration, and a few of their favorite things.

How did you two meet?  We met in NYC around 2002 through mutual artist friends. We had the same take on the creative process, appreciation of culture—and the insanity of the world.

What was the concept behind this video?  To showcase the parallels of sacred geometry, and coexisting duality that are embodied within the architectural design of the residence.


Why market the house this way?  Most luxury projects are formulaic, what makes the homes I build so special are their uniqueness and symbolism. The film touches on the subconscious rather than the conscious. Sometimes the thing that makes a house special are not seen but felt.

What are you currently working on?  Developing an oceanfront property in Golden Beach with Chad Oppenheim.

One thing I’ve had forever is…
Abramson: Confidence
Kain: A sense of humor

I never leave home without…
Abramson: A plan
Kain: A dream

One of my favorite places in the world…
Abramson: La Sandwicherie
Kain: La Sandwicherie

My dream client would be…
Abramson: Tesla
Kain: The Buckminster Fuller Institute

You’ll always find me wearing…
Abramson: Abraxas Rex Jewelry
Kain: An invisible cloak

A place that’s most inspiring…
Abramson: Brazil
Kain: A place with no reception

An artist on my radar…
Abramson: Suzette Guy
Kain: Alejandro Jodorowsky + Pascale Montandon

The last book I read was…
Abramson: “Curious George” for my son Leo
Kain: “The Secret History of The World” by Mark Booth

This summer I’ve been…
Abramson: Building
Kain: Orbiting

A guilty pleasure is…
Abramson: Gluten
Kain: No reception

My favorite architect is…
Abramson: Chad Oppenheim
Kain: Rene Gonzalez