Brush up on your artistic skills with Grayson Perry’s new TV series

“Accessibility is a part of what I want to do."

Jonathan Kendall

Photo credit: Scott Rudd
Photo credit: Scott Rudd

Must freedom always come from the outside, or can we also find it by looking within? It’s often in spending time alone—a frightening concept, perhaps, for some—that we’re compelled to take stock. It’s also in this kaleidoscopic interior pilgrimage, devoid of the incessant distractions of the world, that we allow our imaginations to run riot.

One good thing about self-isolating at home may just be that it has given us (a lot of) quality time with ourselves—with our thoughts and feelings. What better time than now to finally confront those creative pursuits that we’ve relentlessly been putting on the back burner?

Enter the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry who will be teaching lessons on painting, sculpting and drawing in a new British TV series called “Grayson’s Art Club.” The show is part of Channel 4’s recently-developed slew of creative programming to entertain viewers while the nation is on lockdown. In the series, the daring Perry will be focused on motivating viewers and helping them cultivate their skills through various tutorials. It’s a project that seems to be in alignment with Perry’s past homilies to make the arts more accessible.

Indeed, in a statement he made last month, upon receiving the prestigious Erasmus Prize—it now seems a bit prophetic; Perry said he was keen to bring art to “the average Joe on the sofa.” During the series, the often vibrantly-dressed artist will speak with his contemporaries about their techniques and processes. Perry will also be encouraging viewers to produce pieces that illustrate their life in quarantine. In doing so, he hopes the work will be a collective documentation of COVID-19’s toll on British life.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out Channel 4’s new line-up to “support” and “entertain” Britain during isolation.