Give the Gift of Creativity with Absolut Art

Carolyn Batchelor

Chewed Clouds (I) by Glenda Leon_frame_no-padding
Glenda León’s Chewed Clouds (I)

Giving gifts can be a daunting task, year after year. If you’re still deciding on what to buy your friends, family, and coworkers, look no further than the gift of art. Art makes the perfect present, as it’s timeless, collectible, and sure to inspire creativity. Here are a few suggestions that can all be purchased at to help make your artistic gifts stand out this holiday season!


Makeba KEEBS Rainey’s OG President Obama

This piece is layered with colors and fabric from African wax prints. Former President Barack Obama is draped, as a tribute to African Heritage.

Michael Dopp’s Untitled (Absolut Glasses_2)

At first glance, you may assume this piece is completely abstract. Take a second look and you’ll notice how the singular brushstrokes of ink are made to look like sunglasses.

Frog King’s Fun Frog A

The Frog King is an eccentric Hong Kong based artist that explores the bounds of inventiveness. This contemporary painting combines an array of symbols including red lips and ink stains.


Jeanette Getrost’s Chanel Lipstick

This classic lip color blends into the background flooding the piece with passionate red. The iconic beauty tool is the subject for this artist’s sketch.

Carly Kuhn’s The Cool Breeze

This Los Angeles illustrator commemorates the connection of femininity and friendship in her display of undressing women. The piece is constructed by pen and represents female bonds.

Jeanette Getrost’s K.I.S.S.

This fun and flirty piece could tie any room together. The artist uses a brush to repeat the lip graphic, giving the illusion of movement.


Curtis Kulig’s Untitled

Why pick favorites when you can have all the colors of the rainbow. Spread the love, hang this bold piece up in your kid’s playroom.

Bobo Wallmarsson’s I got big hopes for you

The perfect gift from a father to a son, this playful piece depicts how the strong bond between the two is a force of nature.

Emmy Skensved + Gregoire’s Soft Wave Frontal

The soft blue tones make up a display of calming words. Great for your little reader with a big imagination.


Yornel Martinez’s En la paz del azul reina la cólera del rojo

Ride the word wave, with this conceptual piece by this Cuban based artist. Upon a further investigation the relaxing scene is made up of countless words.

Gustav Wiking’s Water

This piece is for those who prefer a darker color palate. The subject seems to be sinking into the abyss, compelling the viewer’s attention.

Emanuel Röhss’s Los Feliz Equation

This deconstructed artwork is ideal for the engineer amongst us. Its references to circuit boards and use of equations are sure to stir the minds of the mathematically inclined.

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