F.P. Journe Redefines the Luxury Shopping Experience

Simone Sutnick

Maison F.P.Journe (1)
Maison F.P. Journe in Miami.

Swiss watchmaker F.P. Journe elevates the experience of luxury shopping with the opening of a reimagined retail space. Housed in the EPIC Hotel in Downtown Miami, Maison F.P. Journe is a hub for sophistication, bringing together the brand’s watches with a bar offering rare spirits, caviar and a view of the Miami River. Pierre Halimi elaborates on how the brand’s space is expanding the definition of the shopping experience.

Can you talk about the concept for Maison F.P. Journe and Bar Journe? Maison F.P. Journe is the natural evolution of the F.P.J ourne Boutique. Since we opened our first boutique, there have always been several core elements in the space: antiques, a small library, a living area, a bar, and of course watches. We have never had the traditional retail environment, so by moving to the new space in the EPIC and including Bar Journe in Maison F.P. Journe, we are expanding on our existing concept.

Bar Journe

What experience are you seeking to create in this environment? Today, everything is about the experience. If someone wants to just buy something, they buy it online. Maison F.P. Journe is a place to experience excellence and passion in watches, and cocktails and to share it with other people. We will also be having events that extend beyond the world of watches to further highlight the common threads of passion and excellence in different fields.

What are some of the elements of the watches that can be found in the space? Some of the core principles of F.P. Journe are expressed by the acronym A.R.T: Authenticity, Rarity, Talent. These principles are what were kept in mind during the design and execution of the space. So, while it’s difficult to translate the literal elements of the watches into a larger space, the concept behind them resonates. The talented staff and rare spirits at the bar, the antiques and selection of books, and the location are all in line with the F.P. Journe principles.

Was there one watch that was the center of inspiration for Maison F.P. Journe and Bar Journe? If we had to pick, it would be the Resonance. Like our Resonance—where two separate movements are housed in a single case, wound by a single crown, and interact with each other—our space blends Bar Journe, the watches, and our US headquarters under one roof. This interplay of these elements and the uniqueness of this location as a watch boutique really mimics F.P. Journe watches.

Terraza Astandoa Cigar Lounge

Given the partnerships with Astondoa and Petrossian, how do watches, spirits and caviar tie in together and interact with each other in this space? F.P. Journe and our partners in the space all share exclusivity, passion, and are family owned and controlled. Petrossian and Astondoa hold similar positions in their respective fields as F.P. Journe does in watches and with similar principles. By joining forces in this new concept store, we are highlighting these aspects of our respective companies and offering context beyond the final product itself.

How is Miami’s spirit and identity invoked in the space? Of course, our location is something that could only be in Miami. It’s right along the water and has a two-story glass atrium filled with sunlight; yachts pulled up just outside and some nice kinetic sculpture can be seen coming through the EPIC valet. By virtue of the energy and our location, the new space is totally Miami, though we’ve blended it with the history and sensibility of our headquarters in Geneva to create a unique and inviting space that wouldn’t be the same anyplace else.