Five Minutes with Elad Yifrach of L’Objet

Cultured Magazine

Photography by Jason Rodgers

Elad Yifrach. Courtesy of L'Ojet.

Elad Yifrach’s Hamptons boutique, L’Objet, is a destination for treasures of all shapes and sizes. Curated by the former designer, the shop pulls together garments, furniture and objects sourced from all over the world. This summer, Yifrach partnered with fashion brand, Arjé, on a special pop-up selection which will be on view through the high season. Here, the designer shares his thoughts on the Hamptons, what inspires him and what fashion adds to the L’Objet experience.

What attracted you to open a shop in the Hamptons? What makes it such a special place? The Hamptons aesthetic very much reflects the spirit of L’Objet. For this store in particular, we focus on curating a selection of items that are elegant and refined, but still casual and relaxed. The homes of our Hamptons clients are designed to make them feel far removed from their everyday lives. That is why we offer exclusive and extraordinary pieces from around the world—to give them that feeling of escape.

What do you think including fashion in the boutique will add to the experience?  We often have fashion brands join us in-store for the summer. For both L’Objet and Arjé, it was an organic partnership. The brands are very complementary and appeal to a very similar aesthetic. By adding these effortless, luxurious ready-to-wear from Arjé, the store now truly offers a full lifestyle shopping experience—pieces to dress yourself and your home for those perfect summer days by the water. I have long been fascinated by the intersection of fashion, design and the home; together these areas are a true reflection of a person.

What has you inspired this summer? What are you reading/watching?  Travel has always inspired me, and the summer is the perfect time to do that. Visiting my favorite places when they’re warm and sunny helps to recharge my creativity. I’m reading a great book right now called “The Big Leap.” It empowers me to recognize my personal and creative limits and understand how to push them. I travel very often, so with the free time I have, I try to spend it with friends as opposed to watching TV.

When shopping for your own home, what criteria do you keep top of mind?  I also love mixing and matching décor from different eras, but it’s important not to go overboard. Spaces should feel thoughtfully layered and inviting—never crowded. At my own home, I use soft furnishings, candles and warm lighting. It is a very similar vibe to the L’Objet boutiques—relaxing and comfortable.

What are your favorite additions to the shop this year and why?  We have several new pieces from my travels that I am really excited about. We have a set of Rocking Horses that are handcrafted from natural rattan by a contemporary artist in Malaysia. I love his modern take on an antique toy. I also came across these beautiful wooden totems from Africa with incredible hand carvings. They are very old but feel powerful and modern. The new cubism sculptures from Giobagnara are handmade in Italy. They make a dynamic addition to our boutique, especially sitting alongside our newly expanded “Cubisme” collection. The store is in a great place for the busy season ahead.