Art of Jewelry Design with Daniella Kronfle

Daniella Kronfle’s eclectic and sophisticated jewelry derives from her quest to find new ways to reinvent timeless and classic designs.

Jessica Idarraga

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Daniella Kronfle.
Daniella Kronfle’s eclectic and sophisticated jewelry derives from her quest to find new ways to reinvent timeless and classic designs. Drawing on her numerous inspirations, stemming from her love for stones at a young age to her lifetime passion for traveling, Kronfle’s Miami Design District boutique captures the essence of fine jewelry while providing  an intimate setting for the consumer to discover personal treasures. Cultured caught up with Daniella Kronfle to discuss her preferred materials, the market trend and upcoming collaborations.

Charmed Collection Butterfly and Heart Necklaces

How did you start Daniella Kronfle? What inspired you to break out on your own? Daniella Kronfle originated out of a love for the art of jewelry making and a deep passion for color and uniqueness. My mother was a jeweler, I remember growing up in her store, watching and learning and being fascinated by gems and jewelry world. It was a natural decision for me to become a jewelry designer and share with the world the bold, unique, statement pieces that are Daniella Kronfle.

Where do you get your jewelry design inspiration from? I source inspiration from many things such as art, traveling, culture and music each resulting in the theme and mood of my collections. The latest collection to come from Daniella Kronfle is much more energetic and fun. I have been channeling the mood, mindset, vibrancy and music of the 70’s into my latest designs. The color sequences of that era, its energy and the culture of the times is reflected in this collection through a mixing of black gold and bright color gemstones.

Who do you envision wearing your pieces? Do you think about this during your creative process? I envision a strong, confident woman with her own sense of style looking to discover unique jewelry. It is a contemporary woman with a love for the arts and with a soft, poetic side, appreciating iconic shapes with bold, unusual color combinations. The jewelry reflects her warm nature while also accentuating her adventurous and enthusiastic attitude.

The Charmed Collection Sautoir

What materials and techniques do you favor for your jewelry design? I love combining precious and semiprecious gemstones, and from there, those that are opaque and those that are translucent. I love mixing cuts and colors to create statement pieces that are unlike anything else. My jewelry is as much of an individual as the person wearing it.

What is your greatest challenge in creating new work? My greatest challenge is unearthing the next, most beautiful and unique combination of gemstones and colors to always surprise and delight.

Mosaico Di Luce Snake Rings (Single and Double Tour)

What do you see as the greatest market trend for fine jewelry? The greatest market trend in fine jewelry is to be unlike anyone else. Being unique is something that will never go out of style. Your craft is your art. Daniella Kronfle sets the trend.

What projects are you working on now and what are you most looking forward to this year? Any collaborations for future collections? I am currently in the process of producing my latest collection, inspired by the bright colors and energy of nightlife filled with vibrant colors contrasted with black gold. I am looking forward to another year full of family, friends, travel and inspiration from the hidden gems around the world. I want my designs to evoke a sense of something special and unusual in its owner, whose beauty came from a remote and hidden place that is uniquely special.