Cultured’s Top Music Stories of the Year

Music is perhaps culture’s single biggest agent of change, and 2019 was no exception. This year, we spoke to such movers and shakers as Grimes, Dev Hynes, Princess Nokia and David Byrne.

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The artist formerly known as Grimes gives Khalila Douze a glimpse into her singular perspective on art and selfhood.

Dev Hynes
Following his 2018 opus Negro Swan, Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, tells Lakin Starling what he’s dreaming up next.

Wendy Carlos 
Esra Padgett provides a rare take on the prolific yet elusive composer Wendy Carlos, whose feats include scoring such movies as The Shining and Tron.

Angélique Kido and David Byrne
Talking Heads lead singer David Byrne and Benin-born super diva Angélique Kido have been friends for decades. Here, the two share a conversation about visual art and its relationship to music.

Princess Nokia
With roots in New York’s gay nightlife scene, Princess Nokia is leveling up as a musician and getting in touch with her inner healer.

The polymathic performer of Antony and the Johnsons, now known as ANOHNI, is reviving her early experimental theatrical practice.

Tabby Wakes
On the heels of her debut EP, Khalila Douze catches up with a New York-native rapper who’s long been ahead of the curve.