Five Times Cultured Was Ahead of the Curve

Cultured Magazine


When it comes to breaking news, we have our fair share of stories that have started conversations. In a way, this is something we can’t help. Some of the luminaries in our pages are, themselves, super stars in their respective fields and our writers are adept at uncovering what their fans don’t already know—or, at the least, clarifying the more murky aspects of their personas. In this piece, we look back to five times we shared previously undisclosed information.

1.) In our summer 2018 issue, Grammy Award-winning musicians Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats announced news of the historic Gordon Parks acquisition.

2.) In our winter 2019 issue, curator Helen Molesworth talked with us—it was the first interview she did since her MOCA LA departure. She dished on her new projects, a memoir about love and a series of podcasts about post-war women artists for the Getty Research Institute.

3.) In our spring issue of Cultured last year, “The Artist Formerly Known as Grimes,” c talked with us about the release of her new album, Miss Anthropocene.

4.) In our spring 2019 edition, we interviewed Pyer Moss who subsequently got blown up by BoF 500 controversy—as well as CFDA nods. It was the fashion designer’s first cover shot.

5.) In our Young Artists 2017 issue, we were first on the scene to highlight the work of several artists who now have big careers— among them, Eric Mack, Jacolby Satterwhite, Bunny Rogers, Meriem Bennani, Diamond Stingily, Jamian Julan villani, Sam Moyer and Tschabala Self.